What Sets Dash Apart?

Dash is a digital currency that works just like cash.

Four main features:

  • Send Instantly

    Dash can transfer instantly. This is essential for making real-world transactions.

  • Send Privately

    Dash allows you to make transactions completely anonymously.

  • Fees under a penny

    It costs less than a single cent to send any amount of Dash to someone.

  • Proposal Funding

    Anyone with an idea that will help to drive Dash adoption can apply for funding from the Dash Treasury. This allows Dash to hire contractors, marketers and YOU.

Transaction Fees:

Less Than A Penny.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of Bitcoin’s transaction fee continuing to rise, now averaging over $30. How will cryptocurrency ever be used to buy a coffee if it costs $30 to send Bitcoin to someone?

With Dash, transfers cost less than a single cent. The Core developers view this as essential to making a compelling use case for Dash to be implemented throughout the economy.

Transfer Time:

One Second.

Did you know that it takes hours to make a Bitcoin transaction? With Dash, transfers can happen instantly, allowing merchants to receive your payments one second after you send it with their InstantSend feature.

How To Buy

The easiest way to buy Dash in most places is on Uphold . It only takes a few minutes and you can start buying Dash now.

To Buy Dash on Exchanges:

You can purchase Dash on Bitrex or Poloniex.

Another option is to create an account on Bitnifex, wire money in from your bank, and buy Dash directly, You can also do this on Kraken.

Click here  for a complete list of exchanges to purchase Dash.

Dash for Merchants:

Quickstart Guide

Are you a merchant wanting to integrate Dash payments for your website?
Here's a handy quickstart guide for your developer that will allow your customers to pay in nearly any cryptocurrency and settle in Dash.
Easiest solution: GoCoin.
GoCoin has plugins to quickly integrate with Shopify, Woocommerce, ZenCart, Magento, OSCommerce, Prestashop and more, as well as an API to make your own custom integrations. Sign up at GoCoin today or view their documentation. You can easily choose whether to settle in fiat immediately or hold onto some of your crypto, with crypto payouts daily and fiat payouts weekly.
Greatest customization: BlockCypher
BlockCypher gives you all the tools you need to integrate cryptocurrency payments with a high degree of customizability. It's perfect for e-commerce businesses with developer / IT support.

1. Register a paid account with BlockCypher.com to get an API KEY

2. Download BlockCypher's PHP client library here.

3. Integrate library into project.

4. Create payment forward based on library (see documentation here).

5. Create callback URL for payment forward after user paid (in project).

6. Check transaction after callback from BlockCypher.

7. Save user's payment info & fulfill their purchase. Payment is complete!

The Dash Wallet

Dash Wallets are where you store and spend Dash

For most people storing and spending small amount of Dash, a mobile wallet is ideal. You can download a wallet for iPhone or Android below:
Your security practices should be appropriate for the amount of Dash you are storing. A small amount is probably fine on an exchange or a smartphone wallet. A large amount should be kept offline on a hardware wallet like a Trezor or a Ledger Nano S.

THE DASH CORE TEAM: Why Dash Is Succeeding

  • 30

    Full-Time Employees

  • 20

    Part-Time Employees

  • Multi-Million Dollar
    Monthly Budget

Ryan Taylor


Fernando Gutierrez

Chief Marketing Officer

Bradley Zastrow

Director of Global Business

The Dash Core Team, responsible for developing the currency, has since grown to 30 full-time employees, 20 part-time employees, and dozens of unpaid volunteers.

All Core Team employees are paid from Dash's budget system and therefore are not reliant on donations or sponsorships that can lead to conflicts of interest.

See the rest of the Core Team here

The Treasury

You can get funded to help Dash Grow

Anyone can get funding to play important roles in the growth and development of Dash by submitting a proposal to the Dash Treasury.
Dash's treasury has a monthly budget of millions of US Dollars. That monthly pool is used to fund plans (proposals) by anyone who wants to help Dash grow.
Even Dash Core, the founders and developers of Dash, are funded via this proposal process

thinking about submitting a proposal?

Here's what you need to know:
Submitting a proposal costs 5 Dash.
Masternodes (people holding 1000 Dash) vote on the proposals.

Before Your Proposal:

Forum Discussion & Escrow

Start a pre-proposal discussion in the forum.

All proposals must first post their proposal idea and costs in the Dash Forum. This allows the community to give valuable feedback and indicate whether or not your proposal is favorable to the network.

Arrange Escrow.

If your proposal is asking for over $75,000 you should arrange escrow prior to submitting your proposal. Currently, the Dash network recognizes three Escrow providers: Dash Core, Greencandle, and Demo. You can contact them below:

your escrow options

dash core

Dash Core is the core group of developers behind Dash.

They are happy to handle escrow proposals on behalf of the Netowork.

green candle

Green Candle is a private company that handles escrow on behalf of the Dash Network.

Green Candle is a private company that handles escrow on behalf of the Dash Network.

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